Free tylenol and band-aids!

On October 19th, 2016 Good Samaritan Wellness Center volunteer, Gigi Milner, ran a booth sponsored by the Carey Counseling Center. Milner was at the event in hopes of promoting the Good Samaritan Wellness Center to the homeless in Weakley County. Milner feels like she made contact with many potential clients while also aiding those in… Continue reading Free tylenol and band-aids!

Health Observances & Awareness Month

November is officially here and with that comes National Health Observances and Awareness Month! Throughout the month of November we will be recognizing different things such as; Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness, American Diabetes, Bladder Health, COPD, Diabetic Eye Disease and many other health risk. To kick off our month we are celebrating Medical-Surgical Nurse Week! The Academy… Continue reading Health Observances & Awareness Month

Importance of yearly check-ups for children

Many parents wonder why children need a visit to the doctor each year, especially when they seem perfectly healthy. Kids are tough. They fight through their illnesses and battle the bacteria floating around them. So why would they need to risk catching something at a doctors office during perfect health? The simple answer to this… Continue reading Importance of yearly check-ups for children

Flu Season is upon us: 6 steps to avoid it!

Welcome to Flu Season, where people of all ages are either spreading their germs, or trying very hard to stay away from them! We have all been one of two persons, or sometimes both at separate times. You could be (a) The man or woman standing in line at Walmart coughing and sneezing relentlessly without covering your… Continue reading Flu Season is upon us: 6 steps to avoid it!